Personal Care A Considerate, Respectful and Caring Service to Improve Quality of Life and Promote Independence

Personal Care Services

Personal care is vital for health and wellbeing and here at Cavell Healthcare, we offer in-home support for people of all ages with a variety of personal tasks including:

• Bathing/showering and hair washing

• Dressing and undressing

• Oral hygiene

• Shaving

• Toileting

• Catheter bag or stoma care

• Changing continence pads

• Moving position in bed

• Applying creams, lotions and make-up

Our personal care is a considerate, respectful and caring service to maintain the dignity and improve quality of life as well as promoting independence. 

Full Needs Assessment

Here at Cavell Healthcare, we work hand-in-hand with our clients and their loved ones (with consent) in the planning and delivery of personal care.

Before we start providing personal care for a client, we will carry out a full assessment so that we can establish their individual needs and develop a tailored care plan which is designed to fit in with your daily routines, so that you can continue to live your life the way that you choose.

We also understand that individual needs may change over time, so we will review personal care plans regularly and make any amendments necessary to ensure that all needs are being met.

By providing assistance with personal care and hygiene, you or your loved one can continue to lead a safe and independent lifestyle, with dignity. 

Fully Trained Care Professionals

At Cavell Healthcare, our award-winning carers pride themselves on delivering an outstanding service, which puts the needs of our clients and their families at the heart of all they do.

All of our carers receive regular training and support to ensure they are delivering the highest levels of care in a way that does not intrude on personal space and ensures that the dignity of the individual is maintained at all times.

To discuss our personal care service with one of the team, please give Cavell Healthcare a call today on 01603 340 044 / 01502 447 660.