Brain Injury Care Meeting the Needs of the Whole Person

Brain Injury Care Services

A brain injury can affect a person in many different ways, depending on the severity and the area of the brain that has received the injury.

Brain injuries fall into two categories:

• An acquired brain injury (ABI) can result from a condition such as a brain tumour, stroke or infection.

• A traumatic brain injury (TBI), on the other hand, is the result of the brain sustaining physical trauma for example during an accident, assault or neurosurgery.

Someone with a severe brain injury may have spent many months in hospital before making the transition back home to resume life within the community and this transition is often stressful, as the road to recovery can be long and not without its challenges.

Unfortunately, many severe brain injuries are life-changing and can have far-reaching consequences on those closest to the person who has sustained the injury, such as their spouse, children and friends.

However, supportive measures can be put in place to help improve quality of life for all concerned.

How We Can Help

Brain injuries are complicated and can cause physical and/or cognitive impairment including paralysis, loss of coordination, muscle weakness, memory problems, learning difficulties, fatigue or seizure activity.

Behavioural and emotional problems following a brain injury are common too and these can present in the forms of anxiety, depression, impulsivity and sudden changes in mood.

Here at Cavell Healthcare, we work with each of our clients on a one-to-one basis, taking a person-centred approach to their brain injury care to enable us to develop a tailored care plan which perfectly meets their unique individual needs.

Full Needs Assessment

Before we begin supporting an individual with an acquired or traumatic brain injury, we start by carrying out a needs assessment. This allows us to identify the individual care requirements of the patient.

These needs are then documented in a personal care plan tailored to the individual and measured to ensure positive outcomes are being achieved.

Rebuilding life following a brain injury can be challenging, but we are here to support you on your journey.

If you would like to learn more, please give the team a call on 01603 340 044 / 01502 447 660.