Live-In Care Around the Clock Care in a Familiar Setting

Live-In care Services

Live-in care provides 24-hour support to people in their own homes, allowing them to continue to live life the way that they choose.

To admit that you are struggling with the normal activities of daily life is not an easy thing to do and we often hear stories of people putting on a brave face around loved ones, as they are too proud or ashamed to admit that they are struggling to cope.

However, there are some subtle signs that may indicate a relative is not coping.

If a loved one is looking unkempt, this may ring alarm bells, especially if they previously presented with a clean and tidy appearance.

They may be struggling with personal care due to mobility issues or confusion.  Maintaining personal hygiene is important for health and wellbeing, to prevent illness and infection.

Some people who require assistance with personal care do not need a live-in carer, as they may only need support with one or two daily activities.

When Live-In Care May Be Required

Signs that a relative would benefit from around the clock care in a familiar setting include:

  • Frequent falls and an inability to get up from the floor
  • Wandering, agitation and confusion, such as in the later stages of dementia
  • Concerns for safety such as hobs left on, doors left open, bath filled with scalding hot water etc.
  • Restless nights, putting the individual more at risk of suffering an accident

Care At Home Over Residential Care

Here at Cavell Healthcare, we can empower your loved one to live safely in their own home and lead as independent a lifestyle as possible.

Live-in care is a much-preferred alternative to placing someone in a residential care home setting, which can cause undue stress and anxiety.

If you are considering care options for a loved one and would like to learn more about our live-in care service, give us a call today on 01603 340 044 / 01502 447 660.