Dementia Care Meeting the Needs of the Individual, Today and in the Future

Dementia care Services

Dementia is a progressive condition which means that symptoms will worsen over time, but with the right care and support in place, individuals can continue to lead an independent and active life.

Research has shown that the majority of dementia sufferers have a desire to stay in their own home, rather than go into a nursing home. For someone living with dementia, a sudden change in routine and environment can also worsen symptoms and cause an alarming sense of fear.

Here at Cavell Healthcare, we provide a specialist dementia home care service to ensure that individuals with dementia can remain in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own home.

Whether you or a loved one requires daily home visits or around-the-clock live-in care, our carers are on hand to provide them with the support they need to live in their own home.

Specialist Dementia Care

Receiving a dementia diagnosis can be frightening for the individual and their family. 

With Cavell Healthcare you can be assured that we are on hand whenever you need us so you will never be left to face the challenges and fear alone.

For dementia patients, routine is important, so here at Cavell Healthcare our fully trained carers are on hand to deliver care whenever it is needed. We can help with daily tasks including washing, dressing, preparing meals, administering medication, exercising and general mobility. We can also support you or your loved to enjoy their regular hobbies and interests, as well as maintain social interactions.


Fully Trained Care Professionals

Here at Cavell Healthcare, our professional carers receive the highest levels of training in dementia care and they are up-to-date with the latest research and recommendations so they can identify when someone is entering the next stages of the disease.

For clients with dementia, we develop a tailored dementia care plan that is open to ongoing review so we can ensure that we are meeting the specific needs of the individual at all times.

To find out how Cavell Healthcare can make life easier for you or a loved one who is suffering from dementia, get in touch by calling 01603 340 044. Our friendly and caring team are on hand and waiting to take your call.