Client Testimonials

The carers are very kind, caring and very patient

Carer found Mum on the floor when she arrived to put her to bed. The on-call carer arrived to take over from the carer so she could continue with her other clients. An ambulance was called and the carers stayed until I arrived. Mum hadn’t hurt herself thankfully. The carers are very kind, caring and very patient with Mum as she has dementia and is unable to communicate.
(Daughter of client)

They do a difficult job well

Cavell Healthcare has always provided me with good service. All the staff are kind, caring and willing to do whatever is needed. The standard varies but is always adequate. They do a difficult job well. Timekeeping is sometimes erratic but given the many factors which affect this, it’s understandable. Lack of journey time between clients is often given as the reason. I would like to thank Cavell Healthcare and management for the helpful support you have given me for over a year now. What you have done has relieved pressure on my wife and family and has also helped me towards the road to recovery.

Richard M