Working in Healthcare – Top 10 Myths

There are a lot of myths surrounding caring as a career. We thought we would take a moment just to address some of the most common misconceptions that could lead people to dismiss a career in care, when, in fact it is a hugely rewarding job with great prospects.

1. It’s all “personal care”

This is one of the biggest myths! A lot of care calls do not require personal care. Homecare is predominantly about enabling people so that they can continue to live in their own homes and contribute to their local community.

Care calls are delivered to meet customer requirements which can be anything from companionship and welfare calls to end of life care. Yes, some calls do include personal care but it is so much more than that.

2. Low Pay

Historically care work was low paid employment. However, the introduction of national minimum wages and provider competition means that wages in the healthcare sector are no longer in the lowest pay bracket.

Here at Cavell Healthcare, our Healthcare Workers are paid substantially higher than the national minimum wage.

3. No Career Path

Cavell Healthcare’s policy is to advertise all progression vacancies internally before consideration is given to advertising externally.  This is to support our Caring Company philosophy; offering equal opportunities to develop the existing staff team and support staff retention.

In short, this means there will be opportunities to progress from healthcare worker to Senior Care Worker, Field Care Supervisor and Care Co-ordinator as the company continues to grow.

4. Menial Work

Historically, healthcare work has been considered menial work for low skilled workers.

However, this is a very short-sighted view. Workers in the healthcare sector are providing essential services to vulnerable members of our communities which enable them to remain independent with support in their own homes.

Not only is this a vital service to the those receiving support, it is rewarding career for the healthcare staff who provide these services. Since the arrival of COVID in our lives care workers have suddenly become noticed by the national media, as people realise the value of the work they do 365 days a year.

5. Unqualified

Working in Healthcare has never been so qualified.

All new recruits are required to undertake Induction Training, Mandatory Training and complete the Care Certificate. Refresher Training is offered in line with legal requirements.

QCF diplomas and additional training is offered to staff on the completion of a successful probationary period and our staff have a programme of continuous personal development to meet the needs of their job and to advance their careers.

6. Care Work is Women’s Work

There are many men requiring support to remain independent in their homes who prefer the support and company of male staff.

There are also many women who require support to remain independently in their homes who prefer the support and company of male staff and do not require personal care.

16% of Healthcare Workers are male and our customers say they want more.

7. Healthcare Providers Don’t Care About Their Staff

At Cavell Healthcare we pride ourselves on caring for our staff.

For example, we create rotas to support work life balance; we train and develop our staff teams to reach their potential individually and as a mixed skills team; we offer career progression (all of our senior team started as care staff); we offer recruitment incentives to existing staff; we reward our staff with above minimum wages, gift vouchers, football tickets and carer of the month awards and much more.

We were awarded the regional Home Care employer of the year award 2019/20 at the Great British Care Awards.

8. Providers Don’t Care About Their Customers

At Cavell Healthcare, this could not be further from the truth. Our mission is to enable our customers to be as independent as they are able and to remain in their own homes, so our support plans are created to deliver this, achieving positive outcomes for our customers.

We believe nothing is more rewarding than seeing our clients manage day to day living with bespoke packages of care that meet their needs.

Cavell Healthcare has achieved 10 GOOD ratings by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) the regulatory body, over the last 5 years.

9. Unrewarding

Our staff would say the opposite! What could be more rewarding than working to enable people who require support the ability to remain as independent as they are able and to in their own home? Our support plans create rewarding work schedules which achieve positive outcomes for our customers and staff alike.

10. Zero Hours Contracts

At Cavell Healthcare we offer flexible hours contracts in addition to zero hours contracts, depending on the individual needs of our staff. But what does this mean…?

We can offer staff a guaranteed number of contracted weekly hours.
We offer security of employment.
We offer a regular income.
Flexible hours contracts maintains a stable workforce for our Customers.