Making a Change!

Here at Cavell Healthcare we are always looking for new staff to join our multi award winning team.

People are often surprised that not everyone on our team has a background in healthcare but we believe the most important aspects of being a carer are innate – enthusiasm, passion for the role and a caring nature. The practicalities of the day-to-day work can be taught and our full time in-house Registered Accredited Trainer, Bev, ensures that everyone has all the required training to ensure they are competent and confident before going out in the field. We also operate a buddy and mentoring system so all new staff undergo a significant period of shadowing existing and experienced staff before being allocated their own care calls.

As a result, many of our team come from varied and sometimes unexpected backgrounds. Take Joanne (Jo) Denford for example….

Jo joined us in February 2021 with no previous experience in care and since then she has worked her way up from Carer to Senior Care Worker and is now a Field Care Supervisor.  We caught up with Jo to find out what brought her to Cavell Healthcare…

What we’re you doing before you joined Cavell in February last year?

I was a publican! I had run a busy food and drink pub in North Walsham for nearly six years. Prior to that I ran a football club in London.

What made you consider such a dramatic change in career?

It’s not actually as dramatic as you’d think. Being a carer and being a landlady require many of the same skills – a caring nature, the ability to listen and of course hard work. I often found myself taking on the role of marriage counsellor or agony aunt! However, my partner works away and I found the business was unmanageable on my own – running a busy pub like that is best suited to a partnership So, I started to look for something else.

What brought you to Cavell Healthcare?

I saw an advert saying they were recruiting and that no experience in care was necessary, as full training would be given. As I’ve said, I thought I had a lot of transferable skills, so contacted them to see if they would be interested in me. It felt like a lovely company from the very start so I was delighted to be offered the position.

What training was given?

I had full in-house training including Basic First Aid, Moving & Handling, Medication, Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Food Hygiene, which was brilliant. This training was then reinforced with shadow shifts where I went out on care calls with experienced carers and this helped to build my confidence significantly so I felt ready when I went out on calls on my own.

What were you most nervous about?

Having seen how my Nan responded to carers – she felt she was losing her dignity – I was worried the people I visited would be resentful of me, but I could not have been more wrong. Our clients are so lovely and welcoming, they make you feel part of their family and they are so grateful for our support.

What is it like working with Cavell Healthcare?

They are such a supportive company. When I first started they were on the phone constantly, to ensure that I felt supported and as my confidence has built, they have been so keen to develop my career.

What do you love most about your job?
Being out in the field and working with our cliens. I am definitely a people person, so I love that aspect. Equally, however, that also makes the worst bit even harder – I hate leaving clients, especially when I know I might be the only person they speak to every day. However, it just makes me work even harder to ensure the time I am with them is happy and positive.

What would you say to anyone considering a career in care?
Go for it! You won’t regret it. Plus the care system needs more carers to deliver the important work we do and it’s a great career. I’d recommend Cavell Healthcare to anyone wanting to get a break in this industry.