Best in Show!

We have just had an amazing two days at the Royal Norfolk Show and what a fantastic event it was, the weather was kind, the entertainment and overall organisation was simply top class. Safe to say it was amazing to see an event that is no doubt a highlight on the Norfolk  calendar return after a two-year absence.

For us here at Cavell Healthcare, we loved being there as we launched our new App. It was superbly received, and the QR code has seen literally thousands of downloads from both job seekers and people interested in our services. Simply put, our app offers the best way to keep up to date with everything Cavell.

However, the highlight of two days for us was when Robert (pictured ) visited the show just to meet our team, and share the most amazing story. He told us “my mother would be so proud of your company, as would my grandmother, as they were both nurses.”. He went on tell us that his grandmother Beatrice Margrave did her training with Edith Cavell at the London Hospital (now the Royal London) and the two were great friends, both being Norfolk girls. After their training was complete they went their separate ways to pursue their love of nursing with Beatrice staying in the UK and Edith eventually finding herself in Belgium.

What makes this such a special story is both ladies started their nursing careers together in 1896! That is 126 years ago!! We never believed when we re branded our company to honour Norfolk’s most famous daughter, Edith Cavell, that we would meet someone in Norfolk who could share such a story.

Thank you Robert for making the Royal Norfolk show so special for us!

Were you at the show? What were the memorable moments for you? Email [email protected] with your stories. We would love to hear from you!