Behind the Scenes with Carers Di and Andy

Here at Cavell Healthcare we are proud to have a number of staff who are part of the same family. It speaks volumes of caring as a career and Cavell Healthcare as a company when one of our staff recommends a member of their own family to come and work with us. Husband and wife team Andy and Di are no exception…

This dynamic duo has been in care for over 17 years and their passion for their work really shines through. Andy is the Cavell veteran with a whole 2 weeks’ additional service with the company than Di, who joined two weeks after he did in July 2017. Even better, they were both recommended to Cavell by a client who suggested that they should join the company and we were delighted to welcome them on board. We caught up with them to find out what keeps them caring…

Do you work together on a daily basis?

Andy – Typically, no. We tend to work on separate rounds for the most part, but we do have the occasional double-up shift.

Di – If we work separately it makes it easier to switch off at the end of the day – although as a carer you never completely switch off, as you will always think about clients.

 What is it about care that you so enjoy?

Andy – It’s the fact that what we do every day helps our clients to stay in their own homes and creates a better quality of life for them; it is enormously rewarding knowing that we are helping our clients maintain their independence. To go home at the end of the day knowing you’ve made a positive difference to another human being give a huge sense of satisfaction and happiness.

Di – I love being able to support families. I have done a lot of palliative work and it is such a privilege to be able to help the patient and their families at such a difficult time, when they need it the most.

Is there such a thing as a typical day for you?

Di – No! You never know what you might face on a daily basis.

Andy – Absolutely. We have both arrived at client’s houses in the past and found them unwell, but that’s when the training kicks in and you just go into autopilot to ensure that the situation is dealt with calmly and professionally.

Di – I think experience plays its part as well and we really enjoy supporting the new carers. Once you have completed your mandatory training with Cavell, you are then assigned to ‘shadow shifts’ where you join experienced carers on their calls to learn the practicalities that can’t be taught at the Training Academy and we love encouraging new recruits as they embark on their career and sharing our experience.

Does Cavell offer a lot of training?

Andy – The care sector is highly regulated so there is a huge amount of training that you need to undertake as a carer before you are allowed on client visits. Di and I both had training when we first started as carers but Cavell offers a great deal of on-going training, so we are able to continue to develop our skills. For new recruits, Cavell has its own Training Academy so all training is done in-house and on-site, which I think is very effective.

What would you say to someone considering a career in care?

Di – Do it! You don’t need experience, because Cavell can teach you the skills you need to do the job, but you do need to have compassion and a caring nature. It is such a rewarding career and it is really flexible too as you are able to work hours that suit your home life – I think that’s why Andy and I have been able to work in the same industry and for the same company for as long as we have!