Almost there…

As the country continues in lockdown, many workers across the UK are able to remain in the safety of their own homes whilst being able to go about their daily jobs. Whilst we appreciate that this presents its own challenges, as front-line workers our team don’t have the option and have faced the increased challenges of being out on the road to go about their everyday work.

So it is with tremendous relief and pride in our team that we are able to report that over 98% of our staff have now received their first vaccination. Of course, this doesn’t mean that we are immune but it does mean that if anyone does get sick, they are less likely to be seriously impacted. It also doesn’t mean that we aren’t continuing with our weekly schedule of testing all staff. What it does do, however, is give our clients and our staff some peace of mind.

Our mission here at Cavell Healthcare is to enable people to live comfortably in their own homes – safely and without fear. Covid challenges that. The risk of the virus is of real concern to our clients, many of whom are older or vulnerable, and for many it has made them feel like prisoners in their own homes. It also means that our carers, who were once their angels, presented a potential threat. Of course, we have done all possible to mitigate any risk, with increased PPE and, once available, regular testing, but it is frightening for anyone to let someone who is not in their bubble into their own home. To be able to reassure our clients that our carers have had their first vaccination, therefore, is of enormous comfort. Equally, our carers face increased risk going into clients homes, and then returning to their own families at the end of their shift, so we are pleased but not surprised that 100% of the team have agreed to the vaccination.

We are also delighted to see many of our clients now having their first vaccinations and whilst we will remain on high alert, this does feel like a significant step on the road to recovery.