A Caregiver with a Vision

There is no question that the career of a carer is more than just a job – it’s a vocation which requires empathy, dedication, hard work and commitment. However, it is also a career which can be flexible and give you a work life balance. So you can have a job you enjoy whilst still having time for a hobby, as carer Hazel Farrow has proven…

As well as being a dedicated carer with Cavell Healthcare, Hazel still has time for her two big passions beyond her work, namely her family and photography. She has travelled all over the UK looking for different photographic opportunities including landscapes, models, wildlife and architecture, and even when she’s taking a holiday with her partner she always packs packs up her cameras and equipment just in case.

In fact, her hobby has turned into something more and such is the collection she has built up that Hazel now has her own website which showcases a selection of her work, which can also be purchased as a print or a framed photograph.

And her incredible work has even caught the eye of the local media; the Eastern Daily Press (EDP) featured her stunning photograph of a star trace which she created by combining a series of more than 100 images each with a 15 second exposure. In doing so, she was able to trace the beauty of stars drawing lines of light across the sky as the Earth rotates.

While Hazel doesn’t often mix work and pleasure, she does have some people that she cares for who know of her love for photography and enjoy seeing her work.

It is certainly clear that Hazel puts her full focus into everything that she does, not just developing relationships with her clients, also bringing photography to life through her vision and attention to detail.

Why not CLICK HERE to visit Hazel’s website to enjoy some of the amazing images she has captured.