Beverley Brown

Beverley is our in house trainer, and when not training she is also a recruitment consultant. Her background is very much a career in care, having worked in almost every role from care assistant through to a residential care home manager.

Having worked at in care management in different settings Beverley is the perfect contact for managers in care homes across Norfolk, when faced with staffing issues, usually at short notice they know that in Beverley they have someone who fully understands their challenges and is able to respond in a way that everybody wins.

Beverley enjoys meeting people new to care, guiding them through their training, and handing them over to the responsibility of our Field Care Supervisors for on the job induction, after they have successfully completed their training.

She also enjoys helping people find their way in working for a healthcare provider, confidence and trust are 2 of the key elements looks to share with our wonderful team of caregivers and nurses. In her spare time Beverley is a member of a local dance group and enjoy’s tap and ballet in particular.